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Connect your Pi.fit Smart Scale to your Smartphone to view and track your body measurements over a selectable time period. The App is simple to use and will give the user their body measurements in an easy to understand format.

Set your goal weight.

Use the App to set your personal weight goal.

Weighing Dashboard

A brief summary of your body stats are displayed. Choose from a variety of background colours.

Selectable time periods

View by week, month or year.


Easily select weighing events to compare your progress over time.

Your history

Access a history of your body measurements.


Add upto 10 users to 1 smartphone. Connect with other PiFit friends to motivate each other.


Your weight will display once connected to the PiFit Smart Scale. A chart will also display your results over a selectable time period of your choice. A perfect motivator!


Water – The human body contains a lot of fluid. From blood to lymph and other cellular fluid, this number is also an important body stat. The number reflected is a proportion of your weight in relation to your body’s water.


Body Fat – The Pi.fit Smart Scale determines what percentage of your weight is made up of fat. Whatever your number is, we are here to help you keep track of it.


Protein – Keep track of your protein percentage as it is an important component in your body’s ability to grow and maintain muscle and tissue.


BMI (Body Mass Index) is a good indicator for any individual wishing to monitor their weight in proportion to their height. BMI is handy to see how your results compare to the ideal number for someone of your height. Whatever your number is, we are here to help you keep track of it.


BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) This stat uses your age, gender and height that you entered into the app, and weight from the Pi.fit Smart Scale, to indicate the number of calories your body will consume at rest. In other words it’s a way of determining how many calories your body needs simply to stay alive in your current condition. If you lose weight during the same year, your BMR number will drop too.


Muscle – This proportion of muscle to weight is an important indicator and a great way to see if you are making any gains.


Bone mass – This number is important for older people or those wishing to keep track of their bone mass.


Metabolic Age – Based on the numbers generated by the app, your body age is reflected. Some users will have a body older or younger than what their birth certificate indicates.


Visceral Fat – A high number for this body stat means that you have a larger proportion of fat in mainly your abdominal cavity. This type of fat normally sits around your organs and is a number you should be concerned about if it is too high.

Be an individual.

Popular features


Track all your body measurements over a selectable time period.

Share Progress

Add your trainer / friend or weight loss professional as a contact to see your progress. 

Set your goal

Set a goal weight to keep motivated.

Health App Integration

Connect and sync body measurements to your
smartphone’s Health App.

Up to 10 Seperate profiles

10 seperate users can be added to 1 Smartphone.

Weighing Reminder

Never forget to weigh in.

Sync Later

Weigh without your smartphone and sync your results later when nearby.

Share progress

Share progress with
friends and family by
Facebook, Twitter, email, message, and more!

App Compatibility

The App works on both iOS & Android Smart phones.


Pi.fit Smart Scale

Your number. Know it. Own it. Improve it.