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Scale FAQ
What is the max weight this scale can weigh?
180kg / 396lbs. Exceeding this weight will cause damage to the scale and or weighing sensors. 
How do I change the scale to weigh in kgs or lbs?
Weighing Units can be selected on the App. The scale will automatically change to the selected unit (kg or lbs). No switches or settings need to be set on the scale itself.
Is there a minimum age limit to use this smart scale?
Yes – 10 years of age.
Why is my fat percentage measurement data different from data from other scales?
Fat is a special tissue and has a complex composition in the body. It includes subcutaneous fat and visceral fat, and is widely present in various parts of the body. Currently, there are several popular methods for measurement of fat percentage in the world, including DEXA, BIA, water displacement weighing, and so on. Different measurement methods have their own unique algorithms and have different results. So far the method for weighing in water and DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorption method) are called the “gold standards”, however, repeated test results even with these gold standards can present errors.

Therefore no instrument can give absolutely correct results. This product is intended for home use.

Pi.Fit and other household body fat scale manufacturers mostly use BIA measurement methods. It is common for scales with only foot sensors to underestimate body fat in users with a lot of body fat and to overstate the % in lean people such as athletes.

Results may also be different due to different algorithms, therefore, it is suggested that users not fret over differences of absolute values measured by different instruments and equipment, but should pay more attention to relative changes in the values measured by the same equipment over a long period.

We suggest that a user try to use the same assessment system for long-term monitoring and control / measurement of fat percentage. Long-term change can be assessed to obtain a person’s health trend. We believe that tracking this change is more meaningful than the absolute value of a single measurement.

Is it safe to use this smart scale while pregnant?
No. The scale should never be used by pregnant women. If you are pregnant (or trying to conceive and may be pregnant) do not use the scale.
I have a pacemaker / internal medical device, is it safe to use this scale?
No. The scale should never be used by persons with an internal medical device or pacemaker.
Can I use this scale in a steam room?
The scale should be used in a dry environment as the tempered glass is slippery when wet.
Why won't my scale turn on?
Please check the batteries are installed the right way around or else the batteries may need to be replaced.
What kind of batteries do I need for the scale?

4 x AAA alkaline batteries. Do not mix batteries. Rechargeable batteries may not work as voltage differs compared to disposible types.

What surface can I operate my smart scale on?
Use the scale on firm flooring such as: Tiles, concrete or wood. Weighing on carpeted floors will lead to inaccurate results.
Is the scale waterpoof?
No. The scale should be operated in a dry environment.

When not in use, store the device in a dry environment and protect it against extremes of moisture, heat, dust and direct sunlight. Do not use the device if it is damaged in any way. The use of a damaged unit may cause injury, improper results, or harm to the users.

How do I calibrate the scale?
The scale performs an automatic calibration when used. The words :Cal” appear on the display. Do not step on the scale. Allow the scale to complete it’s calibration cycle before stepping onto the Pi.Fit Smart Scale.
My Bluetooth symbol is not showing up on the scale?
If you have already set up the scale previously, try pressing on the scale to activate it and the word “connected” should appear on the App and the Bluetooth symbol should activate. If it’s the first time you are using the App, please follow the setup instructions.
Does the scale have a warranty?
Yes, 12 months from date of purchase.
Why am I weighing so little on the scale?

You might be weighing on a carpet  and that will cause such an issue.

Please make sure you are weighing yourself on the correct type of surface such as tiles or woodern floor.

Where can I download the Smart Scale App?
A HTML link is printed in the Pi.Fit User Guide – please follow the link and select your platform to download the App. 
Why won't my phone connect to my scale?

1. Check your bluetooth is turned on and that you have allowed access to your location.
2. Press down to wake the scale.
3. Is someone else connecting to the same scale?
4. If you have more than one scale in the same room, press to wake the scale you would like to connect to.

How do I change the scale to weigh in kgs or lbs?
Weighing Units can be changed on the App. The scale will automatically change to the selected unit (kg or lbs). No switches or settings need to be set on the scale itself.
Can I connect to my scale over wifi?
No the Pi.Fit smart scale connects wirelessly through Bluetooth only.
Why does it only record my weight? My body data was not stored.
To enable the scale to send body composition data to the app, the user needs to be barefoot and standing on both BIA sensors. The next time you weigh yourself barefoot, all the advanced body composition data will be sent to the app.

Why would the sum be more than 100% when stats are added together?
The human body’s chemical structure includes fat tissue, water, protein and inorganic tissue: fat tissue is mainly comprised of fat and water, with water accounting for about 25% of total fat tissue, muscle tissue is mainly comprised of protein and water, wherein water accounts for about 70% of total muscle tissue.

Our body fat scale is used to measure contents of fat tissue, muscle tissue, water, bone and other major tissues in the human body. Because various tissues contain considerable proportion of water, the sum would be more than 100% when measurement results are added.

How do I sync my body measurements to my Smartphone's built in Health App?
This can be turned on when setting up the device. If this was not done you can set this up at a later stage. Instructions are listed in the settings menu. 
Why are my body stats different to the scale at the gym?
The results you see on the App may differ from professional medical equipment. This is acceptable as the Pi.Fit Smart Scale is intended for home use and to be used as a point of reference. Results also depend on calibration, time of day, workout etc. We recommend using the same scale, in the same conditions daily.

The App is there to be used as a point of reference. Body measurements will change as you follow your health and fitness routine. By checking your measurements regularly you are able to track your progress over time.

Method for decreasing errors of fat and water percentage:
a. This product obtains body fat percentage by using the BIA (bio-impedance analysis) bioelectric measurement method.


Fat percentage obtained by using BIA measurement is closely related to the following parameters: body impedance coefficient/height/weight/age/gender. Therefore, changes in any of these parameters can cause change of fat percentage.

i. The user is required to enter correct height/gender/age. If this data is incorrect, accurate body fat percentage cannot be obtained.

ii. Bare feet are necessary

iii. In order to ensure that the user obtains the standard model body impedance coefficient, the user is required to follow the correct standing posture for measurement.

iv. In order to obtain correct body impedance coefficient at the time of measurement, please place both feet over the metal electrodes and keep still until the end of the measurement process. The entire measurement process will take around 20 seconds.

b. We suggest performing measurements at the same time and under the same conditions every day. The body’s daily weight varies with changes in eating and drinking and can vary between 0.5~2KG.


How do I add another user?
Tap the “My account” section on the App and press the “+” symbol.
How do I set a weight goal?
Simply tap “Set Goal” on the home screen.
How do I change my date of birth, height, name or password?
Click on the “My Account Link” on the bottom of the screen and then click on the large Profile Icon Pic.
How can I change the Theme colour?
Click on “My Account”

Click on the Gear icon on the top right

Select Theme and choose the colour that best suits your mood.

Can I turn off the weighing complete sound?
Yes you can, select “My Account” then select the Gear icon on the top right. Uncheck “Weighing done sound”.
What Health Kits are supported?


Select “My Account” then select the Gear Icon on the top right, you will see both these options. Select your choice and follow the instructions.

How do I set a weighing reminder?
Select “My Account” then select the Gear Icon on the top right. Select Measurement Alarms and set your own time. Pre selected times can be changed by tapping on the time.
How to add another user in my account?
Select “My Account” then select the + icon. You now have the choice to add another user.
What platform is supported?
Apple iOS

Android Smart Phones (Google Play Store)

Can I see how my friends are doing?
Yes! You are able to view their body measurements and weighing history. This will help to motivate each other 🙂 

Watch Bands

What watches do these bands fit?

Apple Series 1-4. Both 38mm (40mm) 42mm (44mm) watches

What material are they made of?

They are manufactured from high quality nyloon fabric

How do they hold their size?

The band have velcro pads that stick and hold the admired size.

Can I watch them?

They are designed for sport so these bands are fast drying.

What watch Watch Brands are the PiFit band compatible with?

Only Apple wateches for now. Please inbox us if you wish for us to stock other brands. 


User & Scale Parameters
What is the user perameters?
Height range: 80cm – 220cm

Age Range: 10-80 years of age


Scale capacity?
Max 180kg (min 10kg)

Max 396lbs (min 4.5lbs)

Body measurment range
Body fat : 5-75% Graduation: 0.1%

Water : 10-80% Graduation:0.1%

Muscle : 20-80%,Graduation:0.1%

Bone : approx. 0.1-10kg, Graduation:0.1kg

Basal metabolic rate :100-9999kcal/5kcal

Measurement value Maximum error range
0 <x≤ 50KG ±0.2KG


50KG <x≤ 100KG ±0.3KG


x≤ 180KG ± 0.4KG

Refund / Return policy


a. Any refund / return claims against the company in respect of defective workmanship or for any other cause must be made in writing and lodged with the company within seven days of delivery. If claims are not lodged within this time period, such claims will lapse and become unenforceable except to the extend that claim may be against the company in terms of the company’s standard guarantee. Any refund / return claims for equipment must have the goods returned in their original packaging, manuals and all stickers on them. If the goods have been modified to suit your application the claim will be null and void and will not be replaced under the warrantee.

b. The company shall be entitled to inspect those goods which are alleged to be defective and may as its sole discretion, decide to repair or replace the goods which are accepted by the company as being defective and for which it accepts liability.

c. The company shall not be liable for any inconvenience, loss, damage, or injury caused whether actual or consequential, by any defect, whether patent or latent, in or which may arise from the use of the goods or equipment.

d. Items such as batteries, glass or overloaded loadcells do not fall under your warranty as this is seen as normal wear and tear and/or abuse. No water ingress or acts of God are covered by the warranty.




a. All scales and watch bands include free shipping

b. Return of scale or watch bands are sent for refund at senders cost. Please read refund policy above

c. Shipping to a Postnet: This can be areanges if specified in the check out during the check out procedure


Still need help? Send us a message!
For any other questions, please write us at info@pifit.co.za or send us a message on Facebook.
Still need help? Send us a message!
For any other questions, please write us at info@pifit.co.za or send us a message on Facebook.
Still need help? Send us a message!
For any other questions, please write us at info@pifit.co.za or send us a message on Facebook.



Payment methods: Payfast, EFT, Debit / Credit Card or Zapper.



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